Introducing SmartVersion

SmartVersion is a tool for storing multiple versions of your files inside SmartVersion Files (SVF files). You may then send these SVF files to your end-users. Your end-users can use SmartVersion to extract the version they desire from the SVF files and update their product. You may also customize exactly which versions are delivered to your end-users.

SmartVersion uses intelligent compression and file comparison algorithms. Only the changes between the different product versions are stored in the SVF files. This eliminates redundant data in your SVF files and makes sure the patches you create for new versions of your products are as small as possible.

SmartVersion, unlike other patching schemes, is not limited to working with software products, or providing single version upgrades.


Basic Concepts:

What are Patches?
What are Multi-Version Patches?

What are Minimal Patches?


Real World Usage Examples:

A Book Writer

A Webmaster


Getting Started:

Creating a Patch
Deploying a Patch


Getting Results:

Starting with an Empty Patch
Adding New Versions to a Patch

Extracting Versions from a Patch

Specifying an Existing Version Folder

Building Partial Patches


Advanced Tasks:

Using SmartVersion Files for Version Control
Distributing Version Subsets

Converting Between Regular and Minimal Patches


Online Links:

SmartVersion Home Page
WinImage Home Page

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